Time for Yoga Mittra

Earlier this year, while I was enrolled in Yoga Mittra, the Yoga Loft’s teacher training program, a particular kind of pattern began to emerge over the weekend sessions.Though the content of each of… Continue reading

Elements of Creative Teaching workshop

At one point in Yoga Loft sequencing workshop last month, instructors Suzy Nece and Shelley Williams asked the students present to dig deep into their vocabularies. The theme of the Creative Element workshop… Continue reading

Finding purpose with Max Strom

Running just to exercise can be hard. Running in a charity race feels easier. And the legs probably feel lighter still when from running from an alligator. The more deeply felt our purpose,… Continue reading

An Unexpected Journey through Teacher Training

-A Guest Post by Marissa – My teacher training journey began in 2011 with a very hesitant phone call to Yoga Loft. Suzy Nece picked up and took the time to answer my… Continue reading

Shine Bright: Courtney Hermann

Shine Bright: Courtney Hermann

Shine Bright Spotlight: Kia Sinay

An Athlete’s Experience at Yoga Loft

Guest Post by Will Montgomery, stand-out beach volleyball professional In 2013, I flew over 120,000 miles to 30 volleyball tournaments in 12 countries… and suffered 0 injuries along the way. The Yoga Loft… Continue reading

Guest Post from Kim – Why I Became a Yoga Teacher

My Holiday Wish for 2013 by Kim Digilio Four years ago, I woke up in a panic in the middle of the night.  For weeks, I had been feeling unwell, the ongoing stomachaches… Continue reading

What We CAN do to Help Battle Cancer

When I see the word “cancer,” I see the word CAN first. That is how I am surviving cancer. Everyday, I find different answers to the question, what CAN I do? As someone… Continue reading

The F Word ~ Forgiveness

Today I am going to use the “F” word a lot. It’s one of my favorite words.  I am dropping the “F” bomb of ‘forgiveness’.  Look out North Korea, you’re not the only… Continue reading