Favorite song for a class?

The moment the teacher’s voice stops is when a yoga asana really begins. In most yoga classes, however, you are not just left with your own thoughts; you have music. I am sure… Continue reading

Shout out to one of our own

Last week, I had a chance to talk with Yoga Loft instructor Jennifer Allen. Along with being an accomplished yogi, Allen is also a published author. She has written for The New York Times… Continue reading

Inspiration amid darkness

I write today to recommend an inspiring story I read recently in my favorite magazine, The New Yorker. Titled “A Tech Pioneer’s Final, Unexpected Act,” the story details how Eric Sun, a Silicon Valley… Continue reading

Return of the Yoga Loft Blog

[Image By Sage Ross – Women meditating, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link] All, After an unfortunate absence for not particularly good reasons, the Yoga Loft Blog is back. With 2018 is upon us, it… Continue reading

Yoga Mittra graduate Shana Floto

Shana Floto is a graduate of the 2016 Yoga Mittra teacher training program. Her story of joining and completing the program is, like other graduates, one of personal discovery and broadening horizons—the program found… Continue reading

Yoga Mittra graduate Sharan Chahal

Yoga had come in and out of Sharan Chahal’s life. It provided stability and was, as she said recently, “something I could always return to in times of stress.” But the broader life… Continue reading

Time for Yoga Mittra

Earlier this year, while I was enrolled in Yoga Mittra, the Yoga Loft’s teacher training program, a particular kind of pattern began to emerge over the weekend sessions.Though the content of each of… Continue reading

Elements of Creative Teaching workshop

At one point in Yoga Loft sequencing workshop last month, instructors Suzy Nece and Shelley Williams asked the students present to dig deep into their vocabularies. The theme of the Creative Element workshop… Continue reading

Finding Purpose with Max Strom

Running just to exercise can be hard. Running in a charity race feels easier. And the legs probably feel lighter still when from running from an alligator. The more deeply felt our purpose,… Continue reading

An Unexpected Journey through Teacher Training

-A Guest Post by Marissa – My teacher training journey began in 2011 with a very hesitant phone call to Yoga Loft. Suzy Nece picked up and took the time to answer my… Continue reading