Yoga Mittra graduate Shana Floto


Shana Floto is a graduate of the 2016 Yoga Mittra teacher training program. Her story of joining and completing the program is, like other graduates, one of personal discovery and broadening horizons—the program found her, and she found herself.

Though not new to yoga, Floto had not been a regular at the Yoga Loft when the Mittra program began. But the awakening of her desire to pursue a teacher training program, heightened by a positive experience on a yoga retreat, coincided with one of her  first visits to the studio. When she learned about Yoga Mittra, it was desire meeting opportunity.

“It felt like going home,” Floto said.

The course materials proved a source of inspiration. The reading list reinforced the way that the class offered an opportunity to think about familiar obstacles, on and off the mat, in new ways. And now, with the program months behind her, she still finds herself returning to selections, including Max Strom, who appeared at the Yoga Loft last month.

She did not begin her journey with a desire to teach yoga to others, but rather a desire to “be held accountable” for deepening her own practice. She was afraid of speaking in front of people but, when the first team-teaching class arrived, was impressed with how instinctively people followed her words.

“I never saw myself as a leader. But getting up there felt like a big game of ‘Simon Says,” Floto  laughed.

She credits her ability to make it through this and other challenging aspects of the program to the comfortable learning environment, which she described as one where students “check their ego at the door.” Though she does not intend to pursue teaching further at this time, she is grateful for the gifts that it has given her. She found a new level of commitment to her physical practice. And she finds herself taking the lessons of meeting the program’s obstacles, and applying them to the challenges of everyday life.

“You keep on learning how to be comfortable in your own skin—how to be a better human, a better…friend,” Floto said. She smiled when she came on the word. The Sanskrit word for friend? Mittra