Shout out to one of our own

Last week, I had a chance to talk with Yoga Loft instructor Jennifer Allen. Along with being an accomplished yogi, Allen is also a published author. She has written for The New York Times MagazineRolling Stone and more. Most recently, she turned her attention to Polynesia and its ancient sailing techniques.

Allen’s Malama Honua documents the three-year voyage of a sailing vessel so authentically Hawaiian that I am not sure this blog is configured to include the characters used to write its name. But you can see it all here:

Allen said the sailing techniques involved often relied on na’au, or intuition. The experience of relying on it for a decision that could lead one hundreds of miles off course in open ocean (and how well things ultimately turned out) was a reminder of the importance of periodically letting go. Easier said than done, but always worth trying.

For more, check out Patagonia’s website about the book here.  Or even better, grab the book at Pages bookstore, just up the street from the Loft.